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How To Be 100% More Productive By Having The Right Time Management

About Dr. John odaA Keynote speaker

We realize most companies who are hiring a keynote speaker, look for someone who can move their team, and create powerful results. Dr. Oda can definitely provide these tools for your organization. He has been surrounding himself around the best, so you can be guarenteed that you are hiring the best. With Dr. Oda's 25 years of clinical psychology, he can adapt his presentation to fit any company needs. Dr. Oda provides motivation, strategies, humor, storytelling and the most powerful tools in the market place to produce outstanding results in this competitive marketplace.

How Can I Help you?Topics I can speak WHAT DO YOU WANT TO IMPROVE TODAY

Outcome Clarification and Goal Setting Groups

Outcome Clarification and Goal Setting Groups

  • How to break through fears and limitations.
  • How to create success principles in your life.
Communication Skills

Communication Skills

  • How to gain rapport with people.
  • How understand people communication styles.
Stress and Focus

Stress and Focus

  • How to get in the zone.
  • How to overcome stress in the workplace.
Management Skills and Strategies

Management Skills and Strategies

  • How to build teams, and create a solid strategy.
  • How to manage people to produce results.
Time Management System

Time Management System

  • How to manage your time and create more sales
  • How to implement the “ Everyone Needs ODA time management system.
Breaking Through Anger, Procrastination, and Fear

Breaking Through Anger, Procrastination, and Fear

  • How to break through fears and limitations.
  • How to overcome procrastination and fear.
Human Diversity Training

Human Diversity Training

  • How to understand people rules about culture.
  • How to communicate effective and produce results.
Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the Workplace

  • What steps to take when people is violent.
  • How to create a safe environment.

6 reasonsthat make Dr. John Oda different?


Dr. Oda uses the 3 E’s method, he’s entertaining, educational, and exciting, and Dr Oda will keep the crowd engaged. Dr Oda believes when they laugh and have fun they are willing to learn so much more.


Dr. Oda present valuable insights by doing research. Dr. Oda also works with business CEO's on a daily basis, so he understand the insights organizations are facing on a daily basis.


Dr. Oda is real, his presentation style can adapt to anyone from the CEO to the janitor. He provides tools and strategies for anyone. He lives his message and Dr. Oda challenges the organization to do the same.

Energy Level

Dr. Oda energy is through the roof, and he will take your organization and guide them with the same passion and enthusiasm he brings to the table.


The best keynotes know your wants and speak to your needs. Dr. Oda will interview your employees, the leaders as well as just the front line staff. Dr. Oda presentation style is more interactive, and will have your crowd, laughing, crying, and show them how to function as a human and breakthrough their fears and limitations.

Walk his talk

Dr. Oda builds rapport with his audience instantly, he moves the crowd to their outcome and beyond anyone expectations.

Books by Dr. John OdaDr. John Oda is recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs worldwide

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Featured as a guest on "Oprah and Friends," interview by Maya Angelou. AM Northwest ABC affiliate , and has served as a radio host on PBS' online radio with his own personal development show.

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